Prostate Cancer is the leading cancer diagnosed in men in the Caribbean region and around the world. It is followed by lung cancer, colorectal cancer and – among black men – cancer of the mouth and throat. The war on cancer can only be won through the introduction of a multi-pronged approach which includes primary […]

The Department of Health and Wellness informs the public of the new opening hours of the Pharmacy at the Gros Islet Polyclinic for the period Monday, November 30, 2020 to Monday, January 4, 2021. The pharmacy will be open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Press Release Public Health Act  The Public Health Act came into enforcement in 1975 and thereafter the following regulations were enacted under this act;  Nuisances S.I. 10/1978  Offensive Trades S.I. 11/1978  Communicable and Notifiable Diseases S.I. 12/1978, Amended by S.I. 21/1991  Barber S.I. 13/1978  Water Quality Control S.I. 14/1978  Apartments Guest Houses & Hotels S.I. […]

Availability of Healthcare Facilities during the 24 Hour Shutdown The Department of Health and Wellness informs the public that during the 24 hour shutdown from Wednesday, April 1 to Saturday, April 7, 2020, various wellness centres and respiratory clinics will be open to the public for persons with medical emergencies. The schedule wellness centres and […]

Department of Health and Wellness prepares for new strain of Coronavirus The Department of Health and Wellness continues to monitor the alerts issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in relation to a new strain of coronavirus discovered in central China. The virus has been linked to respiratory tract infections in China and according to […]

During the 2019/2020 budget debate, the Minister for Sustainable Development Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert announced that Saint Lucia would be taking steps to reduce the country’s dependence on selected single-use plastics, as well as other food service containers made of Polystyrene (PS) and Expanded PS (EPS), also known as Styrofoam®.   Following the policy announcement, […]

Smoking potent ‘skunk-like’ cannabis increases your risk of serious mental illness, say researchers. They estimate around one in 10 new cases of psychosis may be associated with strong cannabis, based on their study of European cities and towns. In London and Amsterdam, where most of the cannabis that is sold is very strong, the risk […]

The accessibility, efficiency and responsiveness of key health services is expected to be improved as the Health System Strengthening Project for Saint Lucia was launched recently.   The Health System Strengthening Project is aimed at improving health coverage to the people of Saint Lucia.   The project will entail a package of health services, introduction of financial […]

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