Health System Strengthening Project launched

Written by on February 15, 2019

The accessibility, efficiency and responsiveness of key health services is expected to be improved as the Health System Strengthening Project for Saint Lucia was launched recently.  

The Health System Strengthening Project is aimed at improving health coverage to the people of Saint Lucia.  

The project will entail a package of health services, introduction of financial incentives to improve service delivery, institutional capacity building and also enhancing preparedness and response for public health emergencies.  

Minister for Health and Wellness Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac says she is very pleased that this project will impact the services of primary health care.  

“The World Bank Health System Strengthening Project is well poised to push the primary health care agenda forward because this project is committed to the implementation of the national health insurance while ensuring that our primary health care facilities are equipped to deliver services which will promote preventative care of the population, thereby relieving some of the burden on the secondary health care sector.” 

Health Planner Lauren James called on the stakeholders to stay committed to the process as the Department of Health and Wellness work towards transforming the health sector.    

“The project is aimed at improving accessibility, efficiency and responsiveness of key health services and how do we aim to achieve that. For accessibility, the NHI will definitely address that, in terms of the benefits package giving our population access to a benefits package. Efficiency, we will look at how we make our health care provide us more accountable; how we treat patients according to protocol which will streamline how we treat patients in terms of unnecessary test. For responsiveness, we will look at how our health centres are best poised to respond to those demands on the services.” 

The project is financed by the World Bank in the tune of US $20 million dollars. 

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