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‘RePLAST OECS’ Launches in Saint Lucia

– OECS Press Room – Plastic Recycling Project ‘RePLAST OECS’ Launches in Saint Lucia Environmental stakeholders from the public and private sectors in Saint Lucia lent their support and expertise towards the successful launch and two-day workshop for the RePLAST OECS project – an initiative that seeks to create a sustainable economic model for the […]

Joint Special Mission to Dominica

Following a request made by the Government of Dominica jointly to the CARICOM Secretariat (CARICOM), the Commonwealth Secretariat and the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS), to assist in the country’s efforts with various aspects of electoral reform, the three organisations have agreed to partner in a Joint Special Mission to Dominica. […]

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Youth Unplugged

Youth Unplugged | Guest: Allen Benton Bowers

Meet Allen Benton Bowers! He’s the developer of the latest restaurant and dining location app in St Lucia called W2E: Where 2 Eat Now! We like the sound of that!  Mr Bowers tech endeavours are fascinating and we are elated he designed an app to help please our bellies. He joins us in studio on Thursday on Youth Unplugged to tell us more about his app and what he plans to do in the future! Be inspired!

SHE Speaks

RCI - SHE Speaks | Guest: Terril Nicholas

Illuminating Designs is the brainchild of entrepreneur Terril Nicholas who creates jewelry out of literally anything she lays her hands on… from spoons to beautifully copper wire-wrapped pieces. She joins us for an exclusive interview in-studio! Tune in to hear about this vibrant business queen’s exciting entrepreneurial journey!