Qualifiers for 2022 Calypso Monarch Semi Finals

Written by on June 21, 2022

The eighteen (18) qualifiers for the Calypso Monarch Semi Finals have been announced by the CPMC/ CMMC following the quarter finals stage of competition which took place over the last four days, Friday June 17 to Monday June 20, 2022.
The following artistes listed in alphabetical order will proceed to the Calypso Monarch Semi Finals:
Artiste Tent
Animator South Calypso Tent
Blaize Kaiso Pros Tent
De Jenerator Kaiso Pros Tent
Dezral Fire One Tent
Dycer Fontelio South Calypso Tent
Educator Fire One Tent
Herb Black Soca Village/Take Over Tent
Juice Man Soca Village/Take Over Tent
J’urgen Soca Village/Take Over Tent
Menell South Calypso Tent
Mighty K South Calypso Tent
Mighty Sizzler Fire One Tent
Mystic Kaiso Pros Tent
Oshun South Calypso Tent
Ready Fire One Tent
Solange Fire One Tent
T C Brown Kaiso Pros Tent
Walleigh Soca Village/Take Over Tent
Calypso Semi-Finals will take place at the National Cultural Centre on Sunday June 26, 2022 from 4.00pm. Tickets to the semi-finals cost $40 and can be purchased at The Cell. Other ticket outlets will be announced by the CPMC.  For updates relating to the Calypso Monarch Competition, visit www.carnivalsaitlucia.com or @carnivalsaintlucia on Facebook or Instagram.
The CPMC and CMMC takes this time to thank all artistes who have participated in the competition up to this stage or who have performed at the Calypso Tents. Your commitment and dedication to the art of Calypso goes a long in ensuring that St. Lucia Carnival remains the greatest Carnival. The Committee also takes time to wish all artistes best of luck in the next round of the competition as they prepare for the Calypso Monarch.

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