Artistes Selected To Advance To Soca Quarters 2022

Written by on June 7, 2022

Artistes Selected To Advance To Soca Quarters 2022

(Castries – Tuesday, June 7, 2022) – 30 groovy and 39 power soca song submissions have qualified to advance to Soca Quarters, the second stage in this year’s Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Competition.

The submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges, during a listening audition on Sunday, 5 June, and the following artistes and songs were selected to advance to the next stage of competition. The qualifying artistes are listed in alphabetical order, and not indicative of scores or judging preferences.


Groovy Soca Qualifiers

Sobriquet Name of Song
Ambi Woman
Bandit The Road Gospel
Black Pearl Bonnce
Bronxx No
Carlton Roberts Woolè
Cooyah Fyah Sticky Icky
Crown Spend Now
Dante Jah So Mad
DBI YC One in a Million
Esteblazin Vibes Again
Ezra D’Funmachine Drifting
Herb black De Fork
Hyper & Ti Carro Party Jumbie
Igee Stick it
Jae You Win
Janjahrade Your Love
J’urgen Joanna
Keytinna Come Straight
Kisha Kay Catching Feelings
Lady Leen Badambay
Mantius Mako-ing
Mongstar Bring Back Carnival
Nye No Order
Oz (Da Wizard) Jammin
Private 6 Fete and Rum
Qpid One in a Million
Ricardo So Long
Ricky T Live Life (Mal Pale)
Sergie Good Fire
Shello Horna Man
Slot Never Back Down
Ti Blacks Purge Them Out
Uno Siwo
Yung Vic & Multi Rum Campaign


Power Soca Qualifiers

Sobriquet Name of Song
4 Minus 1 Eat Man Money
Ambi & Ricky T Come & Take It
Baffalo 3ZK Road Runners
Bandit Water War
Bobo, Effo, Asamo Mad Ting
Bronxx Mad and Crazy
Cooyah Fyah Dats Crazy Yo
Crown & Al Dizzy (Rum Not Juice)
Dante Jah No Worries
Dezral Mask on Her
Dhriv 2 funny Are you Dumb 
Esteblazin (Esteban) Like a Flag
Ezra D’Funmachine Pass Me Straight
Hitty Lance & Cooyah Fyah No Woman
Hyper & Ti Carro Tsunami Waist
Invader Doing
Islah Man We Outside
J Mouse Jway
Jahlucky & Almixxx On De Road
Jiggy Activate
Mantius Mad People
Megabite My Bird
Migz  Free me Up
Mistikman HD God of War
Mongstar Lockdown
Mowgly Shake Something
Nye More Rum
Pablo Di Road
Paulie Botin
Perry B Energize
Pilot & Bobo the Artist Whine
Pitchboy We Outside
Qpid & Nicole David Mommy
Realist Why You Vex
Shelly Boss Jump up
Slot Power Soca – Charge
Sly Power Soca – Charge
Stati & Dirty Player  Mash it
Umpa and Subance Flat Down
Uno Siwo

The qualifying artistes will be required to perform their songs in front of a judging panel on Sunday, June 12, 2021.

For updates relating to the Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Competition, visit or @carnivalsaintlucia on Facebook or Instagram. The CMMC wishes all artistes best of luck on the next round of the competition as they prepare for the Monarch.

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