Ras Iya wins. Rastas on St. Kitts-Nevis now have right to smoke ganja in privacy for religious purposes. St Kitts-Nevis High Court judge rules Rastafarians users of marijuana have right to smoke in privacy of their homes A High Court judge has ordered that the Drug Act of St Kitts and Nevis must be amended […]

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) will launch a committee to spearhead and participate in work on the adoption of international standards for Cannabis. The SLBS Committee will mirror the work of ASTM International Committee on Cannabis (ASTM D37) which brings together representatives of educational and research institutions, state and non-state actors with a […]

Smoking potent ‘skunk-like’ cannabis increases your risk of serious mental illness, say researchers. They estimate around one in 10 new cases of psychosis may be associated with strong cannabis, based on their study of European cities and towns. In London and Amsterdam, where most of the cannabis that is sold is very strong, the risk […]

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