PwC continues efforts to support those most vulnerable

Written by on March 22, 2021

PwC continues efforts to support those most vulnerable through $22,000 donation

The pandemic certainly isn’t over and it’s negative effect on people here in Barbados will be with us for some time. For some, the transition into a new version of normal will be easier than others. It’s everyone’s responsibility to look after each other and particularly, those most vulnerable. It’s equally important that the private sector continues to play a key role in helping where possible. PwC is proud to be able to continue donating to charities that work with these underprivileged groups, especially as the funds raised once again come from partners and staff.

The Salvation Army hasn’t stopped providing invaluable support during the last year of the pandemic. And while the country has started to open back up, many people and families are still heavily affected. Some households are reduced to one person earning the income, others are without employment at all. Those already in the most vulnerable category have been plunged into an even more exposed situation.

The Eden Lodge Charitable Trust is another charity that has been heavily supporting families throughout the pandemic. Our recent donation aided the charity in assisting in the purchase of food items for care packages. We supported these two charities before Christmas too, donating $7,500 to The Salvation Army and $10,000 to The Eden Lodge Charitable Trust, all supporting vulnerable families in different ways.

Territory Leader, Mike Bynoe said , “These donations are an extension of the donations we made just before Christmas. We’ve been looking at ways we can continue to make a difference in our communities and we know now more than ever charities need help from a number of sources, including the private sector. Hopefully the donations will go a long way to making life a bit easier for some families. Corporate Barbados still has a vital role to play in this and I’m delighted to hear that many businesses have been doing their part too. We’ve still got a long road of recovery ahead of us and the pandemic has made it quite clear that it will take everyone working together to make a real and lasting difference.”



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