Ministry of Youth Development and Sports aids in Covid mitigation

Written by on April 17, 2020

As part of the mitigation efforts to reduce the transmission of the corona virus, the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports will be contributing thirty five thousand (35,000) disposable masks to young people across the island.
This  gesture signals the recognition of April as Youth Month as all celebration activities and events that would have attracted public gatherings have been cancelled. Minister responsible for  Youth Development and Sports, Hon. Edmund Estephane through his Youth Month message has encouraged all young people to model the behavior of wearing face masks to halt the spread of Covid-19. 
The disposable masks will be distributed across the island and will target young people in essential services including other places of employment as well as voluntary organizations using the services of young people.
Youth Day is annually observed on April 14 during the observation of Youth month. In recent years the Saint Lucia National Youth Council has collaborated with the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports to execute a programme of activities in celebration of the island’s youth.
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