List of Emergency Shelters per district – 2020

Written by on July 24, 2020

As Inspected and Certified by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour,

The Public is hereby informed that under Part IV Section 13 of the Disaster Management, Act No. 30 of 2006 the following are designated as Emergency Shelters.  NEMO advises that persons take steps to make their homes their emergency shelter.  If this is not possible then make advance arrangements to be with family or friends during a storm.

REMEMBER that shelters are not normally opened before a storm. If a shelter is to be opened BEFORE a storm, NEMO will announce such in advance.


  1. Gros Islet Roman Catholic Church
  2. Gros Islet Church of the Nazarene
  3. Gros Islet Infant School
  4. Gros Islet Primary School
  5. Gros Islet HRDC
  6. Corinth Secondary School


  1. Monchy Roman Catholic Church
  2. Monchy Combined School
  3.  Monchy Human Resource Development Centre

La Feuille 

  1. La Feuille Mothers’ & Fathers’ Hall
  2. La Feuille Pentecostal Church

Vieux Secrieux

  1. Unity Centre – Careffe Gardens

Grand Riviere (Gros Islet)

  1. Grand Riviere Combined School
  2. Full Gospel Deliverance Tabernacle Church


  1. Marisule Seventh Day Adventist Church – The Lighthouse on the Hill


  1. Degazon SDA Church Mount Olives


  1. Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School


  1. Balata Combined School
  2. Balata SDA Church
  3. Fundamental Baptist Church

Ti Morne

  1. New Testament Church of God



  1. Babonneau Resource Centre
  2. Babonneau Secondary School
  3. Babonneau Infant/Primary School
  4. Babonneau Roman Catholic Church


  1. Gospel Baptist Church
  2. Bethany SDA Church and Children’s Division

Fond Assau

  1. Fond Assau Combined School

La Guerre

  1. La Guerre Combined School
  2. La Guerre Gospel Hall


  1. Garrand Mothers’ & Fathers’ Hall


  1. Boguis Combined School

Des Barras

  1. Des Barras Combined School


  1. Plateau SDA Church
  2. Plateau Mothers & Fathers Hall

Paix Bouche

  1. Paix Bouche Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witnesses

La Croix 

  1. La Croix Evangelical Church

Castries Central 

  1. Camille Henry Memorial School
  2. Carmen Rene Memorial School
  3. St. Aloysius RC Boy Infant School
  4. St. Aloysius RC Boy Primary School
  5. Ave Maria Girls Infant School
  6. Ave Maria Girls Primary School
  7. Anglican Infant School
  8. Cannon Laurie Primary School
  9. Holy Trinity Anglican Church
  10.  Castries SDA Church
  11.  Castries City Hall
  12. Castries Methodist Church
  13. Salvation Army Church




  1. Bexon Infant School
  2. Bexon Roman Catholic Church


  1. Marc SDA Church

Cul De Sac

  1. Cul De Sac Early Childhood Development Centre


  1.  Goodlands Full Gospel Worship Centre

Ravine Poison

  1. Zion SDA Church
  2. Zion SDA Primary School


  1. Sarrot Community Centre


  1. Forestiere Methodist Church
  2. Forestiere Methodist Combined School
  3. Forestiere SDA Church

Ti Rocher (Castries)

  1. Ti Rocher Combined School

Dierre Fort

  1. Dierre Fort Seventh-Day Adventist Church


  1. Odsan Combined School
  2. Odsan Pentecostal Church

Trois Piton

  1. Trois Piton SDA Church

Barre De Chaussee

  1. Barre De Chausee Multi-Purpose Court


Castries South


  1. Ciceron R.C. Combined School
  2. Deliverance Baptist Church
  3. Ciceron Secondary School 
  4. Ciceron Methodist Church
  5. Ciceron SDA Church
  6. Lady Gordon Opportunity Centre
  7. Ciceron Society Hall – Not suited  

Faux A Chaux

  1. Faux A Chaux Community Centre


  1. Jon Odlum Secondary School

La. Croix Maingot 

  1. La. Croix Maingot Combined School


  1. Tapion Private School

The Morne

  1. St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church


Castries East 


  1. Bocage Combined School
  2. Bocage Secondary School
  3. Bocage Pentecostal Church


  1. Marchand Community Centre
  2. Marchand Parish Hall
  3. Marchand Combined School
  4. Marchand RC Church


  1. Entrepot Secondary School
  2. Entrepot Human Resource Centre

Ti Rocher

  1. Ti Rocher Combined School


Anse La Raye 

  1. Anse La Raye Primary School
  2. Anse La Raye SDA Church
  3. Anse La Raye RC Church


  1.  Roseau Combined School
  2.  Jacmel Roman Catholic Church


  1. Millet Primary School
  2. Millet Infant School (Shut Down/Closed)

Tete Chemin

  1. Tete Chemin Human Resource Centre
  2. Tet Chemin SDA Church



Canaries Village

  1.  Canaries Primary School
  2.  Canaries RC Church
  3.  Canaries SDA church
  4.  Canaries Parish Hall
  5.  Canaries Community Centre

Flora Villa

  1.  Delias Hideaway


  1.  Fresh Disco


Dennery North

La Resource

  1.  La Resource Day Care Center
  2.  La Resource Roman Catholic
  3.  La Resource Parish Centre
  4.  La Resource Combined school

Grande Riviere 

  1.  Grande Riviere Sec. School
  2.  Grande Riviere Seventh day Adventist church
  3.  Grande Riviere Human Resource Center


  1.  Gadette day care


  1.  Richfond Combined school

Aux Lyon 

  1.  Aux Lyon Combined school

Derniere Riviere

  1.  Derniere Riviere Apostolic Faith church
  2.  Derniere Riviere Combined school

Dennery South

Dennery Village 

  1.  Dennery Infant
  2.  Dennery seventh day Adventist church
  3.  Clendon Mason Memorial school

La Caye

  1.  St Mary’s Anglican church



Fond St.Jacques

  1. Fond St.Jacques Roman Catholic Church
  2. Fond St.Jacques Primary School
  3. Fond St.Jacques Parish Centre
  4. Fond St.Jacques Pre-School

Soufriere Town

  1. Soufriere Roman Catholic Church
  2. Soufriere Primary School
  3. Soufriere Infant School
  4. Soufriere Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  5. Soufriere Comprehensive School
  6. St Isidore Hall

Fond Beniere

  1. Christ is the Answer Church


  1. Bouton Combined School

Les Etangs

  1. Les Etangs Combined School



  1. Piaye Secondary School
  2. Piaye Combined School


  1. Saltibus Combined School
  2. Saltibus Roman Catholic Church
  3. Darban Mothers and Fathers Hall

River Doree

  1. River Doree Anglican Church
  2. River Doree Combined School
  3. River Doree Mothers and Fathers Hall

La Fague

  1. La Fargue Mission Evangelical Church
  2. Choiseul Secondary School
  3. Roblot Combined School


Choiseul Village

  1. Choiseul Roman Catholic Church


  1. Reunion Primary School
  2. Enrichment Centre
  3. Reunion Pentecostal Church 


  1. Mongouge Combined School


  1. Dugard Combined School


  1. Victoria Roman Catholic Church
  2. Victoria Seventh Day Adventist Church
  3. Cool Joint Disco


  1. Delcer Combined School

 La Maze

  1. La Maze Community Resource  Centre

La Pointe

  1. La Pointe Pentecostal Apostalic Church

Micoud South

Ti Rocher

  1. Ti.Rocher Multi Purpose Centre
  2. Liberty Baptist Church
  3. Seventh Day Adventist Church -Ti Rocher
  4. Ti Rocher Combined School


  1. Fond Desruisseaux Mothers and Fathers Hall
  2. Desruisseaux Combined School
  3. Desruisseaux Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  4. Desruisseaux Roman Catholic Church
  5. Desruisseaux Multi Purpose Centre
  6. Desruisseaux Evangelical Church


  1. Blanchard Pentecostal Church-Solid Rocks
  2. Blanchard Combined School 
  3. Redeem Christian Fellowship Church-Blanchard


  1. Dugard Community Centre

Anse Ger

  1. Anse Ger Secondary School

La  Couville

  1. La Couville Evangelical Church


Laborie Village

  1. Laborie RC Church
  2. Laborie Girls Primary School
  3. Laborie Roman Catholic Church


  1. Augier Pre School (St. Francis Xavier)
  2. Augier Combined School
  3. Augier Roman Catholic church (St. Francis Xavier)
  4. Augier Evangelical Church

Banse/La Grace

  1. Banse La Grace Combined School
  2. Banse La Grace Evangelical Church
  3. Banse La Grace Pre School
  4. Banse La Grace Pentecostal church 


Vieux Fort South

  1. Vieux Fort Comprehensive  School Campus B
  2. Vieux Fort Comprehensive  School Campus A
  3. Plain View Combined School
  4. Vieux Fort Primary School
  5. Victory Pentecostal Church
  6. Beanfield Secondary School


Vieux Fort North

  1. Pierrot Combined School
  2. Pierrot RC Church


  1. Vigier Combined School

Belle Vue

  1. Belle Vue Human Resource Centre
  2. Belle Vue Combined School
  3. Belle Vue RC Church


  1. Grace Combined School
  2. Grace Community Centre
  3. Grace RC Church
  4. Grace Fair Trade Centre


Micoud North

Micoud Village

  1. Lime light Disco
  2. Faith Tabernacle Church
  3. Micoud Multi Purpose Centre
  4. Micoud Primary School
  5. Micoud Secondary School
  6. Micoud RC Church
  7. Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist Church


  1. Patience Combined School

Mon Repos

  1. Mon Repos RC Church
  2. Mon Repos Seventh Day Adventist Church
  3. Praslin Community Centre
  4. Bible Baptiste Church
  5. Born Again Revival Pentecostal Church


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