KFC Immediate Release – COVID-19

Written by on March 26, 2020

We would like to dispel the rumors circulating in recent social media posts claiming an ill employee at KFC Choc – KFC Choc does not have any known or confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus among its staff.

Also rest assured that, to ensure the safety and health of our customers and teams, we have enacted stricter protocols and increased rotations of cleaning and sanitization. We have also enacted
protocols to monitor, record and report any employee symptoms that are a cause for concern, including daily monitoring of all employee temperatures upon entry to restaurant, and any sign of illness, including consistent coughing and sneezing or headaches. Out of precaution, we also have closed our dining rooms in several restaurants, including at KFC Choc, which has only been serving drive thru customers, further limiting close contact with members of the public, and in line with heightened protocols for social distancing.


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