Chlorine usage in our water under investigation.

Written by on March 8, 2019

Efforts in maintaining safety practices in water treatment e.g. using chlorine are expected to come under scrutiny in coming days, by officials of the Caribbean Water and Sewerage Association.

The utilization of chlorine in maintaining sources of potable water will come into focus, with a three-member team of trainers from the Chlorine Institute travelling to Saint Lucia to conduct a series of training workshops for water and sewerage operators from the Caribbean, facilitated by the two organizations.

Executive Director of CAWASA Mr Ignatius Jean explained the necessity for ensuring individuals employed within the industry remain informed on safety standards.

Executive Director of CAWASA Mr Ignatius Jean

Chlorine, a powerful disinfectant and bleaching agent, is toxic substance that presents a number of hazards, if proper precautions are not taken with serious injury, death a potential result.

According to Mr. Jean, while Chlorine is regulated under Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Act 2005, thus decreasing the likely hood of misuse by the general public, individuals employed within the industry may encounter hazards in the execution of duties.

Executive Director of CAWASA Mr Ignatius Jean

The training sessions will be held at the Bay Gardens Inn, Rodney Bay and at WASCO’s T.R. Theobalds Water Treatment Plant at Ciceron, Castries on March 13 and 14, 2019.

In addition, CAWASA and the Chlorine Institute are collaborating with the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) to deliver a seminar to medical practitioners on March 12.

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