Chamber Provides Members With Tools To Create Additional Value

Written by on April 15, 2021

Understanding and appreciating the extreme pressure and environment under which many of its members are operating, the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce has ensured that its Business Development and Education agenda continues to provide members with the inside edge through relevant training in areas of greatest need.   Thus “Improving Business Costs through Lean Enterprise and Innovation” was the program delivered March 31st and April 1st to sixteen members in a deeply interactive, eye opening and practical workshop.

Facilitated by Dr. Harvi Millar, St. Lucian-born President of Management Technologies, now Professor at St. Mary’s University in Canada, participants were provided with workable solution to issues identified by participants. Suggesting more innovative approaches that helped identify the ‘hidden’ waste negatively impacting operating costs.  Participants learned ways to identify and strengthen innovative muscles, and creatively apply their new skills to real issues faced by their respective organizations, reinforcing the relevance and applicability of the Lean Management and cost cutting tools that were shared during the session.

Based on the need of organizations looking for opportunities to reduce operating costs, particularly when markets are not depressed, and the requirement to maintain profitability remains, it is clear that the intuitive actions and traditional quick fixes of laying off employees is not always the solution.  Thus, the Lean Management approach to improving costs was designed to help Chamber members at this difficult time.

Attendees have applauded the timely an opportune workshop as it has equipped them with tools they can put into immediate effect. Participant pointed out the approach will enable them to carefully identify waste activities and approach within their individual establishments.  Overall, participants indicated their increased confidence in “Minimizing Waste” within their workplace and “reducing the bleed” through comprehension application of Lean Management Techniques for reducing operating costs.

The Chamber remains convinced that helping business plan for the long-term impacts of COVID-19 through strengthening the capacity of corporate leaders through exposure to Lean Management approaches will help as enlightened firms place their teams at the center of their efforts. The Chamber will continue to provide critical business development and education initiatives to its member during the next quarter.  More information on Chamber support programs and its smaller members support initiatives may be obtained by contacting the Secretariat at 758 452 3165 or email

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