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Written by on February 19, 2020

Residents in the north of the island to experience further delays in accessing the water supply.

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc (WASCO) regrets to inform consumers in the north of the island that emergency repairs on our raw water mains in Vanard on Friday February 14th 2020, is believed to have compromised the integrity of the raw water line from the John Compton dam to the Theobalds Treatment Plant. 

This has led to the discovery of several other leaks along the length of the line, including a major break on the 32 inch line at Cul De Sac which was found earlier today February 19th 2010. The situation has impeded efforts to supply consumers in some areas with a supply of water since the recommissioning of the distribution system on February 18th 2020.

As a result of the new break on the line, an emergency meeting was called earlier today where technicians and engineers have taken a decision to shut down the raw water line today at 2 pm. This is in order to effect the necessary repairs. 

A crew has been mobilized and is expected to work throughout this evening until those repairs are completed. However, as a result, residents in the north of the island will experience an interruption in the water supply.

Additionally, some residents at the further end of the system and at higher elevations who have been without a supply of water since the repairs at Vanard were completed will continue to experience delays in accessing the supply. 

WASCO also wishes to inform consumers that today’s shutdown and pending repairs on the system forms part of a phased approach to a maintenance system for the raw water line. This will be undertaken in a phased approach until the entire raw water system is restored.  

During this time, periodic alerts and will be issued to the public well in advance of the upcoming planned water supply interruptions, in order to give consumers time to stock up on the supply of water at their respective homes and businesses in the coming days. 

In the meantime, WASCO regrets the prolonged inconvenience that the water supply interruption has caused to consumers in the north and we implore the public’s patience as we seek to effect the repairs.

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