Today is recognized as World Radio Day and so we celebrate! The medium of radio is powerful and it is our pleasure to inform and entertain you all our loyal listeners every day. To our listeners, supporters and partners we thank you for making us who we are today after 59 years!

The OECS Competitive Business Unit (CBU) continues its Music Mentorship and Artiste Development Programme in Saint Lucia with the third installment of the OECS Music Talk series, featuring four well-known local music mentors and well over 20 mentees, today Thursday 29 August at the Finance Administrative Centre, Pointe Seraphine, Castries. The OECS Music Talk is a programme conceptualised by […]

ROAD MARCH: 1st place – Call my Mother for Me (Edwin George) 55 | 2nd place – Mess (Ricky T) 18 | 3rd place – Mix Up (Sly, Vye Tweezen) 12

1st: Ti Carro | 2nd: Walleigh | 3rd: TC Brown | 4th: Menell

Power Soca: 1st: Ricky T, 2nd: Ezra, 3rd: Mantius, 4th: Pablo | Groovy Soca Monarch: 1st: Sly Vye Twizeen,
2nd: Ricky T, 3rd: Shemmy J, 4th: Invader

Calypso Monarch Finalists (in alphabetical order) Ambrose – The Juice Man, Chocolate, Educator, Menell, Ready, Taker, Teddy Boy, Ti Carro, Walleigh

The most anticipated regal evening for St Lucia Carnival is approaching. On Friday, July 5th, one of these eight young ladies will be our new St Lucia Carnival Queen. Make it a date and come see the ladies showcase their beauty, intelligence and aptitude live at The Ramp on Rodney Bay from 8pm Admission $120 […]

Semi-Finalists for Calypso Monarch Competition, Sunday June 30 at the National Cultural Centre (in Alphabetical Order).

The Events Company of Saint Lucia has announced that the organization is in a position of preparedness for the upcoming 2019 Carnival Celebrations. The declaration came on the heels of the official launching of Carnival celebrations deemed by the organization to be a successful start to activities preceding on of the islands largest cultural displays. […]

Organizers of one of the premier carnival experiences on island are taking a leap into the rapidly approaching carnival season, with the launching of this year’s Colour Me Red event.  Speaking in advance of Thursdays Launch, Director of the event Thaddeus Antoine commented on the variations to be expected from this year’s event, now in […]

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